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Qualifying Yourself

Needless to say, if you find that you are qualifying yourself to a girl- giving direct answers to her shit tests, doing try-hard demonstrations of higher value, etc., then there’s a good chance that the scene is dead. Not saying that you won’t be able to recover, but you’d better be very good at re-framing.

In this case it is better to just shut up before you say something stupid. Focus on your breathing or something like that. Don’t ever let yourself get to the point where you are qualifying to her. If you are persistent in your game practice, your skill will most likely evolve to a level where you don’t need to keep track of this kind of thing. For now, be pro-active in paying attention to when you are getting nervous. It’s got to be about you first and foremost.

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Attention: Sluts

Talking about all the guys you’ve fucked and the details of different condom brands does not make me want to fuck you more. Sure, it’s my fault for allowing you to bring that shit up, but just so you know, It’s actually a big turn-off. Kind of like putting 10lbs of fat on. Keep it to yourselves, ladies.

That said, you can learn a lot from a slut. These “liberated” girls have no filter and will give away precious information that “good” girls would never share.

Alpha Emotions

In most game lit that I’ve read, girls are known to be more driven by emotions, and men are more logical. I have a hunch that the true alpha/naturals are acting out of their emotions, and women are drawn to this because it reminds them of themselves. There is much more at stake for a man who acts out of his emotions, so those that can do this successfully are rewarded. It’s like a pure man- the soul man.

Maybe game is about enabling yourself to act be able to act naturally in what seems like an increasingly unnatural society.