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Why Fatties are Harder to Game

You are probably asking yourself “Why the fuck would I try to game a fattie, or any low value girl?” If you’ve any value yourself, fattie is probably thinking the same thing. She knows she’s not attractive.

So, her conclusion is that you are a looser. A guy with higher value that goes after a lower value girl looses value.


“you had me at hello… ha ha “

It never ceases to amaze how powerful game is. If you game a girl hard enough, she will literally believe you are god. Just the thought of you will induce orgasms.

Transferable Feelings

Attraction is transferable. If you get a girl turned on and walk away, she’ll still feel attracted and the next guy can pick up where you left off.

I think the source of emotions- the limbic system, is blind in this way. Let’s look at fear. You can watch TV shows about the end of the world and you might get a feeling of anxiety. Than the commercials come on and capitalize on your heightened feeling of fear, selling things you need to help with that you don’t actually have.

Moods are blind and color everything. This is why girls get bitchy towards everyone when they get P.M.S. Being in a state of arousal works the same way.

Don’t Argue with Women

There is not point because they don’t think logically. You’ll just upset them and you’ll never “win”. In fact don’t ever let it get to arguments. Structure your relationship so that they never come up.


I’d be willing to bet that guys who are not really in the game don’t get hate, guys who are at the top of the game don’t get much hate (just their choice of pussy), but guys who are getting their game together get the most hate.

This is because unlike the straight-up betas and mostly alphas, the guys in the middle group are not in their comfort zone, and may come off as incongruent.

It sucks that people may see your learning experience as creepyness, but game wouldn’t be game it was something that was easy to master.

Girls: Relax

You don’t have to do anything, just chill out and take care of your body. Guys don’t care about what you do, and are actually turned off if you are too masculine in the way you handle your life.

Music and Game

To all aspiring or wannabe rockstars: you don’t need to get big anymore to enjoy the rockstar’s life, but you do need game if you have any real intentions of making it big. Talent can be irrelevant. There are many shitty bands that are big. These guys suck musically, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got strong game.. their sex appeal (game) is what sells.

So, don’t wait around for your big break- it may never come. Take the reigns and learn game. It’s great, you can bang tons of chicks without having to go on some enervating tour. Life is short.

You are either on one or the other sides of the following quote from Chateau, but never both:

“You’d be surprised how many men value food, sloth, laziness and self-pitying despair more than sexual pleasure with cute chicks.”