Music and Game

To all aspiring or wannabe rockstars: you don’t need to get big anymore to enjoy the rockstar’s life, but you do need game if you have any real intentions of making it big. Talent can be irrelevant. There are many shitty bands that are big. These guys suck musically, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got strong game.. their sex appeal (game) is what sells.

So, don’t wait around for your big break- it may never come. Take the reigns and learn game. It’s great, you can bang tons of chicks without having to go on some enervating tour. Life is short.

You are either on one or the other sides of the following quote from Chateau, but never both:

“You’d be surprised how many men value food, sloth, laziness and self-pitying despair more than sexual pleasure with cute chicks.”


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